Learning French (Lesson 2)

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Today, we would be moving on to French alphabets and their pronunciations. It’ll be a very short lesson just to help you familiarise yourself with the alphabets that will be listed below from A-Z. So, here we go.

Alphabet        Pronunciations
A                            ah
B                            bay
C                             say
D                            day
E                            eeh
F                             eff
G                             jzeeh
H                             ash
I                                ii
J                               jzii
K                              kah
L                                el
M                               em
N                                en
O                                 oh
P                                pay
Q                                kuu
R                                 er
S                                 es
T                                 tay
U                                euh
V                                vay
W                            dubl-vay
X                                 iks
Y                                igrek
Z                                  zed

It is important to note that French and English both have the same alphabets but pronunciations are different. Knowing the French alphabets is a step closer to speaking French easily.
Unlike English, French is a little complicated with pronunciations so be careful to pronounce exactly as we have written the pronunciations for you.
We know you would have been expecting more, but we’ll leave you with this simple lesson and hope that by the next lesson you would have turned into a guru in French alphabets. Till next time, au revoir!

Written by:  Irie Deborah Lou




  1. Learning French under my awesome trailblazer… Pls, is there a way to get d audio of the pronunciations? Thanks Debbie

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