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Hey, welcome again to my 5 dose series… Today I’m going to discuss one of life’s most important topics – MONEY! Some say Money makes the world go round, well maybe they are right or wrong. I can ascertain that money remain one of the things you can’t do without in this age. So I’m going to share some of the vital lessons I have learnt about money (Some of them the hard way).
Money is a medium of exchange issued by a government or other public authority in the form of coins of gold, silver, or other metal, or paper bills, used as the measure of the value of goods and services. So money is valuable and therefore scarce, everybody wants money!

1. Don’t spend what you are expecting: This error is common amongst salary earners, Bankers, civil servants etc. who are mostly living their entire life on credit. Mostly because they live above their means. They all want to drive a nice car, live in the nicest part of town, have bogus TV subscriptions, and make donations at every chance so they can improve their social status. Sometimes they have a wrong estimation of themselves, the fact that you work in the bank and count millions daily doesn’t mean those monies are yours so don’t act like you own the bank safe you only work there! Lol..
So as a result of these habits, You end up spending money that have not been earned yet, creating holes in your sack. That way, you can’t keep what you earn.


2. Don’t save what is left after spending, spend what is left after saving: I don’t need to say so much to remind or convince (whichever is applicable) you that saving is necessary or rather paramount. You probably have heard that too many times but you seem just unable to keep it. Now one of the reasons you may not be able to save is because you want to save what is left after spending. Savings is not “gathering the leftover, It is rather taking out the “First fruits”. George Clason in his book, The Richest Man in Babylon, recommends you save one-fifth of your earnings (I think that’s fair enough). So develop enough discipline to always put savings as priority one on your budget.


3. What you save is not yours: Similar to the previous point is, you need to develop a different mindset to savings. WHAT YOU SAVE IS NOT YOURS – I mean don’t tamper with your savings because somebody died in the village! You have separated that amount for a purpose, therefore let it be for that purpose alone! The moment it goes into that separate account, it is no longer yours! In fact it is better you don’t have access to that account. For a start NO ATMS for that account, disable mobile transactions for the account and put severe standing orders like a #100,000 charge on any withdrawal before a set date in case you are tempted to withdraw from that account . Bottom line, learn not to scatter with your foot what you are building with your hands. Stop touching your savings. Let your savings be safe!

4. Don’t spend your rewards – eat fruits not seeds: This is probably the most important lesson I learned visiting a friend sometime last year. Your reward is what you get paid when you exchange your knowledge, skill, energy and time for money. Yeah! You guessed right, I’m saying don’t spend the money you work for ! (at least until it has worked for you in return.)


5. Acquire more assets than liabilities: Most people probably know this but just find it near impossible to practice. What should we blame? I guess the lack of accurate definition of what a liability or asset really mean. Let’s do a quick check… If I choose to buy a car would it be an asset or a liability? Well, whether you say asset or liability you are right! In a layman’s language An asset is something which brings money to you while a liability is that which takes money away from you. Should we neglect our responsibilities and other necessities or even pleasure just so we can eliminate liability? No! Can we get rid of liabilities? No! But then, we could create an asset for every liability! For instance, I could open an investment fund solely for the purpose of vacation trips. That way, money works for me to meet my needs! Actually the rich spend less than the poor because they have succeeded in creating systems that meet their needs without much of their time and effort!


TAKE ACTION: The beauty of knowledge is not in storage but in application. You could choose to go through this post and just shake it off and get back to your old way of doing things. Or you could utilize the information and revolutionize your life forever. The future is not some kind of miracle waiting to happen to you, the future is inside of you and you release it every second that passes by your intentional, intended actions and inactions. So if you would commit to it, you can RELEASE the future you desire! Remember, life does not reward your good intentions, Life responds only to your ACTIONS!


Written by: Olabode Titus



“We all want to possess much money.  Though it is not the amount of money we have but what we do with it that makes us wealthy”- JENOMA NOOK



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