The fact that you clicked on this blog post suggests two things:
1.That you agree you can live a better life than you are doing currently
2.That you are ready to take your life to that next level

I am not about to share a shortcut to success (there really is none anyway) or a quick-fix way of getting a better job, getting rich or fixing your marriage. But I am sharing with you basic principles that have worked for me and a host of others. You can apply these principles to, basically, any aspect of your life or career, the results are profound if you have enough discipline to put them to work. It makes solving life issues much easier than you can possibly think! So, here you go.


Define Your Current Reality: Where are you now? Progress is a successful movement from point A to point B. Defining where you are, correctly, is as important as defining where you want to be. Otherwise, you will have a wrong estimate of what it requires to get you there. So what’s your current state? What are you dissatisfied with in your life? Your Career (You lost your job, or you don’t even know what career path to take or you are not happy at your current job, you dislike your boss, just name it!), your Marriage, your Finance (you are broke or maybe you are in debt- how much are you owing), Spiritual life, Social life etc. Define in clear terms what and what has gone wrong and to what extent have they deviated. It will be unfair to be dishonest with yourself at this point. Successfully defining your current realities is a great feat in itself in that it has helped to gain some level of clarity, now you know what you are up against, you are less confused and more certain of your starting point.

Define Your Desired Reality: Now, in place of what your realities are currently, what would you rather have? Put in a different language, where do you want to be? I must warn that the desired reality is independent of your current realities i.e. Point A and Point B are two independent variables, therefore don’t be tempted to lower the bars when it comes to setting your point B. In the words of Jim Rohn, “Make sure that you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you.”
There’s really no price for dreaming big. You don’t need permission from your past to create your future. So, have an end point in mind. Write them out. Maybe you want to be debt free, you want a promotion or you want to increase your monthly income by #200K etc… Be as clear and specific as possible. According to the late boxing legend, “you cannot hit what you cannot see. If you want to hit it with your fists, you’ve got to see it with your eyes!”

Find Reasons to make a change: No matter how pitiable your condition is, you cannot change what you consider acceptable. The chief enemy of change is “adaptability”. You can get so used to the bottom it now looks like top to you. You have to create pressure that will cause you to move. There is something interesting about pain or discomfort, it is the greatest motivator! It releases your creativity. Consider what you are already losing or stand to lose by remaining where you are. Bottom line, don’t expect anyone to motivate you. You have to motivate yourself and find a way to stay motivated until you reach your goals. (Maybe we find time to dig this in subsequent posts)

Take Responsibility: Now I don’t want to overdraw this one but it can’t be overemphasized. If you are going to be honest with yourself, one of the chief reasons you are still where you are in life is because you have refused to take responsibility for your life as an individual. You put yourself at the mercy of circumstance and other people too much. I have to be blunt with you, you can’t go anywhere lofty with that mindset. I call it a “slave mindset”. The slave does absolutely nothing for himself, he looks up to his master for everything- You know you are tilting towards the slave mentality when you say every time – Who’s going to help me? If only Mr A helped me with XYZ, I would have gotten the Job. If only the country was not in recession, I wouldn’t have been this broke!
Now there’s a place of support and inter-dependence but over-dependence is irresponsibility. I like how FELA DUROTOYE defined responsibility. He says, “it is your ability to respond.”
RESPONSIBILITY is a compound word with three components (Response, I and Ability). You are responsible when you respond (heed) to the ability you have latent within you. When you say to yourself, the results I have in my life is my making! If I am not getting desired outcomes, it’s because there something I’m not doing right. You are the captain of your own ship. Get set to grab the wheel of your life and drive it to the desired destination. Good news is when a man decides to pursue his dreams the universe conspires to make it happen!

Develop a strategy: Now that you are pretty sure of where you are, you have an idea of where you are going and you have the will power to move yourself from the former to the later. You have to develop a means to go there. That’s all strategy is about, a carefully devised plan of ACTION to achieve a goal. Strategy answers the question “how?” Now most people get stuck here because they jump the preceding steps – they want to find how when they haven’t even defined what to do and why it has to be done. Strategizing can seem like a cumbersome task but it really is not. Pick the goals one after the other and out line steps you can take in small bits to reach them. Say, you need to take a course on emotional management, get yourself a day planner, get a financial accountability partner etc.. So when you get up in the morning, you could look in the mirror and ask yourself- what three things will I do today to create the kind of future I want?

BONUS- TAKE ACTION: The beauty of knowledge is not in storage but in application. You could choose to go through this post and just shake it off and get back to your old way of doing things. Or you could utilize the information and revolutionize your life forever. The future is not some kind of miracle waiting to happen to you, the future is inside of you and you release it every second that passes. So if you would commit to it, You can RELEASE the future you desire! Remember, life does not reward your good intention, Life responds only to your ACTIONS!

Written by: Olabode Titus


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