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JENOMA NOOK is a reading and writing community where sharing of quality contents is the number one priority.

It is a nook, carved with words, geared towards educating, inspiring, motivating, adding value to humanity and building a world of readers and writers that will eventually become leaders.

So if you’re a lover of art, reader, writer, or simply want to learn, we’ve got you covered. Here, classic stories are told with utmost simplicity and we believe that “IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER”.

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Founded by Jennifer Chioma Amadi, a storyteller motivated by the beauty of written words and the need to share valuable stories

JENOMANOOK, sharing quality contents and adding value….


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Connect with us on our social media handles.


Connect with us on our social media handles.

Readers reviews

Nice story Jenny! It may be a fiction but I’ve seen parents trying in subtle ways to “enhance” their kids’ colour even at a tender age. I often wonder if we need a different colour to be validated as human beings?
I really love the way you paint pictures with your words as well as the originality and “Nigerianess” of your write ups. This is deep, addressing one of the canker worms that has eaten into our society. Flow on my dear, the world is your notepad.
Wow…just wow…this is awesome, I couldn’t hold back laughter, especially at the revised meaning of “cooperation” Everyone needs to “cooperate” and read this!…lol You’re gifted Jenny, your ink would continue to dispense beautiful pieces… Remain blessed!
Tammy Dauphin