My certificate says, I'm an Engineer. My passion says, I'm a Writer. My love for Art says, I'm a Storyteller. My lucrative side birthed this blog. It also happens that, I'm a Born Leader. I Believe in the Type of Leadership that says, "Make a Difference in Your Circle, Your Little Corner, Your Home, Everywhere and Anywhere You Are". The type that doesn't wait for positions and rewards. The type that takes responsibility without waiting to be told. In between all these seriousness, I love Singing and I believe music makes the world go round. In addition to that I love Speaking, Learning and Listening to New Things that Add Value to not Just Me but also Humanity. I'm a Quotes Freak and a Lover of Nature. Literally, I could Laugh and Smile for the world. I am a believer of God and His word. He is the Essence of Our Existence and All We Need! Finally, I've got the Greatest Lover in the World- Jesus.


TOMORROW Remi sat in the bus, in silence, marvelling at just how familiar she had gotten with the route. She recalled the first day she had plied that route and how long it had taken to master everything she had come to know. Thinking about it left her distinctly baffled, awed even, from her outspoken …

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Times Past

  Dafe, I have been thinking about the best time to write this to you. I would have told you a few months ago but I didn’t quite think it wise then. Being honest, I’m still not so sure it’s wise now. Today is the day that I “confess my sins”. But first, you have …

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Chidimma sits in front of the dressing mirror as the makeup artist works on her face. Several layers of concealers and foundation have succeeded in covering dark spots and the little scar on her jaw. She struggles to recognize herself with the well-drawn eyebrows that look like arcs. She notices that the detailed contours give …

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