Days We’ll Remember by Jennifer Chioma Amadi

They will come flashing through our eyes like scenes from a movie
Reminding us of the moments when hope seemed so farfetched
And how we stretched ourselves to what looked like our limit…

They will come rolling down our cheek like rocks from a hill
Reminding us of the moments when tears flowed like water
When our eyes were swollen and couldn’t see the possibilities…

They will come knocking on our mind’s door like familiar visitors
Gifting us with moments when the sun was lost in gloominess
When all that lurked was total darkness preventing the light…

We’ll sit wondering how those days wend
Though we thought they would never end
They will become a time lost in the past…

Like fading smoke, they will diffuse
Into air, leaving us with less fuss…

That very moment, we’ll remember
The days that hurt aren’t forever…

Written by Jennifer Chioma Amadi


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