Night Brings False Hope by Jennifer Chioma Amadi

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It creeps behind the fading whitish blue cloud,
Like a sneaky crook stretching its hand for a grip,
Quietly stalking like a standby watch guard,
With a false hope of security.

It comes along with soothing companions,
An eloquent silence that shuts up the world,
And cool breezes that caresses the soul,
Whispering false hope of dreamland’s lullaby.

It sends comforting messages in awkward ways,
Sweeping them through the open window,
Underneath the slightly lit starry sky,
Arousing false hope of illumination.

It brings a strange assurance of a frozen time,
As though time was its luxurious asset,
Used only at its convenience and stood still,
With false hope of eternity’s forever.

Yet slowly it slides away like a curtain,
Exposing the shiny golden orange ball,
That spreads its mild warmth around,
Relieving the earth of the night’s cold.

When it hides as dawn fully breaks,
And the day’s hustles are restored afresh,
Its lie of covering yesterday’s unfinished task,
Becomes a blatant euphoria of false hopes.

So we lay no hope on either night or day,
Building no walls of rest on neither of them,
For whether dawn comes or the moon rules,
It remains the same and we work endlessly….


Written by: Jennifer Chioma Amadi


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4 thoughts on “Night Brings False Hope by Jennifer Chioma Amadi”

  1. Nice one Jenny! We’re just living in “circles” of which I think time is our greatest good as well as evil! Just make the most out of today for the ‘morrow may never come!

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