It’s been over 3months since our lives came to a halt! Did we really stop living? Not exactly so, Dolapo pondered within herself.

As she watched the street which had been secured from restless human feet since March, she decided that a better way to say it was that we were forced to change our approach towards our activities and life in general.

She recalled cities she had visited in the past which used to be as busy as a beehive that now experienced unbelievable silence that could make the drop of a pin travel miles. Parents, like her neighbour, Amina, who used to steal some rest while their children were in school have remained stuck at home with them. The frustration in Amina’s voice, while she yelled commands at her children, made Dolapo pity her. The poor woman had to juggle working from home and a handful of curious preteens.

Dolapo had often thought of students whose main excitement about school was being around their friends. At least this used to be her major source of happiness for her while in school. She could imagine how complacent some of them have grown now having to study alone at home. For most, this was beginning to look like an indefinite ASUU strike.

On the other side of the unsettling table were couples who were planning to make their weddings the talk of the town with hundreds of guests they could never call friends even in a million lives. Now some have had to settle for quiet ceremonies, having most of their friends grace the occasion via Zoom. But then the diehards like her friend, Jumoke were still waiting for everything to return to a normal that would never come.

Irrespective of the long pause and slow manner life had taken, Dolapo would always insist that the world has never stopped. Not even for a split-second. It’s been moving gradually but steadily like a snail to some and like a hare to others. This conclusion was drawn from her observation of most people, businesses, schools, religious centers who have embraced the changes in the new reality.

It was easy to tell with the numerous Instagram and Facebook Lives set up to execute webinars and virtual conferences. It was the confidence some online personalities exuded whenever they talked about showing others the way to the post COVID life as though they had travelled that path before. And she could sense the change on her skin whenever she sat in front of her computer sending notes and assignments to her pupils on their WhatsApp platform.

Like they say, change is the only constant thing but Dolapo would argue that a better way to put it was that evolution is the only constant for those who would catch up with life.

Written by Jennifer Chioma Amadi


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