There, she sat, on an armed plastic blue chair, in the middle row with a netty veil over her face. The veil did manage to hide her scarred face but still the lines on her face never went unnoticed. They were like threads sewn to her skin. Her eyes were hardly seen but yet its …


The Gathering

There was laughter in the air, it hovered around everyone like a cloud mixed with nitrous oxide, the laughing gas. The smell of mother’s garlic and ginger, which bubbled in the cooking pots with fried rice and jollof rice in the kitchen, mingled with the Jasmin fragrance in the sitting room, overwhelming everyone’s nostrils.You see …

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The bus smells of stock fish so much that even the air freshener can’t overshadow it. As the music from the radio station blares out of the bus speaker, the passengers become louder in their chats. Almost everyone has something to say, no matter how nonsensical it is, and this they called, “gisting”. All these …

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