THE SOOT by Jennifer Chioma Amadi

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It fell on me like the rain
Invisible yet obviously black
Enough for the eyes to see
Its patches settle like the dust


I look down at my feet
Baffled by its dirty drops
Wishes cross my mind
For a shield to take cover


Could this be showers of blessings
Or the outbreak of epidemic curse
Spreading fiercely like the wildfire
Darkening the once bright blue sky


On a mission without a course
We know not whence it comes
Neither we know whence it goes
A scalar quantity hovering around


But we know it’s taking our cloud
Creeping into our very own lungs
Destroying our beings like the cigar
That it turns the air to an armed wind

For this we toss out silence
Screaming with loud voices
For a resolvable prompt end
Shrinking back to its start


First our land was polluted,
Then the waters followed
Now the air is endangered
The fire had always threatened…


Written by: Jennifer Chioma Amadi

Photo Credit: Godswill Peter (Xmarttalk)

‘We desperately seek an end to this soot of a thing. It’s gradually taking over our atmosphere, we can no longer breathe freely. We desire a sky bright and clear, again.’ -JENOMA NOOK

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