The Unsafe Wall of Youthfulness by Jennifer Chioma Amadi

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Being a youth is undoubtedly the best season in one’s life. It can be likened to spring time, where all the flowers blossom and everything comes alive. In our youth, we all come alive. Well, that’s how it meant to be unless something goes wrong.

However, it’s so funny how many young people hide behind the wall of youthfulness. Living with an illusion of being young forever and living only for today and shifting today’s responsibilities to tomorrow, blaming every mistake, bad habits and weakness on youthful exuberance.

This attitude may give us a certain form of assurance. An assurance that blows a continuous relaxing breeze over our head. An assurance that gives us comfort for today and allows it slip into the past, that tells us we have all the time in the world. But do we?

Remember, at age 15 or below, we once told our younger selves that when we become older we would become or do certain things. Fast forward to this very moment, you must have reached that age or passed it and yet have done nothing concerning what you had said in the past.
Some have found comfort in mundane activities that takes more from them than it adds to them. They are lost in the crowd, following every new trend, and literally wasting time on things that never pay off.

While others leave their fate to time, will say, “I’ll do this or that when I’m 20, 30, 40, or 50”. Then the years seem to run by as fast as a cheetah in a race. Never stopping to check what’s happening until it gets to the finish line.

Unfortunately, we hide behind the false wall, trying to protect ourselves from the stark reality that exposes the truth, that we are running out of time.
Unknown to us, time, like an unfaithful friend, neither waits nor stops for no one, be it a child, a young adult, late adult and certainly an enemy to those stricken in age.

The truth is, every single day we wake up, one thorough look into the mirror will tell us there is a difference. This difference might be very minute, somewhat insignificant, to see now but eventually it becomes too obvious to ignore at the long run. As time keeps unfolding, our consciousness becomes aware of the fact that things have changed and by then everything becomes clearer for us to see.

Sadly, the wall of youthfulness is never a safe place to hide behind because it’s time will run out, it’s assurances will fail, and it will break. If we have nothing tangible to show for the years past, we’ll be left unprotected to face the dangers of unplanned old age, of faded years.
While we shield ourselves with the fallacy that ‘being young is synonymous to stupidity’, implying that young people are bound to be stupid, we should also bear in mind that we are the creators of what is true or false. What is acceptable and what’s not, all lies in our decisions.

We might ease ourselves by saying, “forever young”. Yes, we can be forever young at heart and in our imagination but definitely not in our years and strength.
So it’s wise we build, make the moves, live worthy lifestyles, act towards our dreams while we are young. For we have this minute, this moment and this season to create the desired future we long for.
With this awareness, we should all embrace the time of being young as the most useful period in ourselves, build bridges that link our present to our future, face life squarely rather than hide.


Written by: Jennifer Chioma Amadi



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